53rd Annual Strnad Assembly

Sixteen seniors completed their Strnad Fellowships and were presented to their peers at the 53rd Annual Strnad assembly held virtually via Zoom.

Vincent Chen
is studying using blockchain technology to better authenticate and simplify the college application process.

Caleb Ford's project is titled, "What Lies Beneath."

Jonah Gilbert is studying free agencies and franchises.

Gai Huang is continuing the development of large objectives for video game production.

Jonathan Jang
is studying Vitamin A uptake within the RPE.

Ethan Jiang is analyzing gene mutation and expression variation in cancer cells and distinguishing prognostic markers that define cancer subclasses.

Sohum Kapadia's project is titled, "Anatomical Correlation Between Mitral and Tricuspid Annular Dimensions."

Abe Katz is producing a twenty-minute horror film.

Rohan Krishnamurthi
is doing Crohn's disease research.

Rafi Maciejewski is creating a recording studio and producing an album in it.

Toussaint Miller
's project is titled, "This is Your Brain on Music: Music's impact on memory recall ability."

Jacob Nathan's project is titled, "Exploring the World of Rocketry through Videography."

John Pape
's project is titled, "Phenotype Characterization of Hearing Related Proteins in Zebrafish."

Sunay Rastogi is studying of the Corticosteroids Dexamethasone on Glioblastoma Cells

Ian Swain
's project is titled, "Role of Nitrogen Availability/Metabolism in ISC Renewal and Colorectal Tumorigenesis."

Correy Zemon
is studying raising food allergy awareness in restaurants.


Cyril Andrews is creating a Golden Standard for avoiding erroneous misclassifications of Fribrillary Astroctomas.

Sage Barton's project is titled, "The Fundamentals of Animation."

Dylan Berr is studying biodegradable plastics from chitin and cellulose

Carl Cort is developing a ferromagnetic iron rotor prototype.

Ben Daye is forging a sword.

Alex Devine is studying whether there are different types of solar panels, other than silicon solar panels, that are more efficient or cost-effective.

Dylan Fertel is studying using Polycaprolactone and Poly Lactic Acid to prolong drug release.

Abem Fetene's project is titled, "Ocean Carbon Sequestration."

Jack Freer's project is titled, "Inspired Cleveland: A Graphic History."

Dickie Hollington is creating a cedar-strip canoe.

Dominic Juliana is studying the reduction of iron oxide through various processes.

Alex Kmetko is supporting a wing with Hexagons in order to make it lighter and stronger.

Ajay Krishnaney's project is titled, "The Successes and Struggles of Integration of High School Refugees into Local School Systems."

Graham McGinnes is creating a recording studio and producing an album in it.

Gavin McIlvaine is creating electricity from train vibrations.

Nathan Mu is developing QSAR models to predict amino acid and polymer interactions.

Jason Novak is designing a gazebo for Lake Kilroy.

Dev Peyrat is producing a film titled, "The Partition: A Story of Two Men."

Peter Pich is designing a gazebo for Lake Kilroy.

Raghav Sahadevan is studying heart failure and AFib.

Jae Smith is using small scale models to determine the optimal fin geometry for a high-power rocket.

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