Neel Agarwal is studying the biomedical engineering of polymers.

Eric Areklett is interviewing veterans.

Garrett Blum is developing honeycomb structures as a helmet liner material. 

Nikita Davidenko is measuring the extent of ablation of brain tumors using laser interstitial thermal therapy (L.I.T.T.).

Ryan Devine is creating a carbon fiber reinforced polymer matrix composite (PMC) with improved elastic properties.

Parker Ernst is studying the protection of retinal cells from light-induced apoptosis.

Ali Gardezi is studying the effects of tributyrin supplementation on the immune response of chronic binge ethanol-fed mice.

Charlie Groof is updating the photography in the athletic wing.

Prajawal Guruprasad is studying hypoxia sensing by cells.

Will Lvovich is working on the optimization of operation of sample PEM fuel cells stack based on availability of hydrogen supply.

Henry Michaelson is designing a weather balloon and launch with FLIR data collection.

Ray Muzilla's project is titled, "The Journey of Stefan J. Muzilla."

Alex Niederer is studying model rocket stabilization automstically with gimbaled thrust instead of using fins. 

Anthony Peng's project is title "Bridging Generations of Chinese Family Cuisine and Culture."

Alex Richter's project is titled, "Give My Regards to These Musicals: A History of Broadway's Shortest Lived Musicals."

Jack Rogen is photographing the BWCA in Northern Minnesota.

Ryan Rosencrans is studing printmaking and photography.

Adrian Vovk is studying carbonOS – A modern operating system built from the ground up for stability and robustness.

Isaiah Waiters is studying long-term sequele and monitoring conditions in patients with Cyanotic Heart Disease.

Turner Whitmoyer's project is titled, "Waterproof Computers for the Developing World."

Ben Wyant is studying model rocket stabilization automstically with gimbaled thrust instead of using fins.


Vincent Chen is studying using blockchain technology to better authenticate and simplify the college application process.

Jonathan Jang is studying Vitamin A uptake within the RPE

Sohum Kapadia's project is titled, "Anatomical Correlation Between Mitral and Tricuspid Annular Dimensions."

Rohan Krishnamurthi is doing Crohn's disease research.

Toussaint Miller's project is titled, "This is Your Brain on Music: Music's impact on memory recall ability."

John Pape's project is titled, "Phenotype Characterization of Hearing Related Proteins in Zebrafish Sunay Rastogi."

Ian Swain's project is titled, "Role of Nitrogen Availability/Metabolism in ISC Renewal and Colorectal Tumorigenesis."

Correy Zemon is studying raising food allergy awareness in restaurants.

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