55th Annual Strnad Assembly

Nine seniors completed their Strnad Fellowships and were presented to their peers at the 55th Annual Strnad assembly.

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  • Class of 2023 Fellows

    Nate Abbott recorded and analyzed solar panel energy at different areas of US.

    Luke Brandon studied the biodegradability of homopolymers and polymer-blends.

    Harbir Dass 
    built a competition go kart.

    Aiden James Dumm
    produced a documentary titled The Outdoor Classroom.

    Kaden Jones
    produced a film titled Honesty is a Timekeeper.

    Sam Mathews (with Vir Patel)
    created a Lake Kilroy buoy and water quality sensor project.

    Arman Taheri
    produced a true independent short film.

    Nik Vucenovic
    studied the effects of solvent purity on capillary stress of silica aerogels.

    Sammy Weidenthal's
    project highlighted Cleveland's Industrial past through photographs.

Class of 2024

Justice Arai's project is titled Developing Propellers with a Fringed Trailing-Edge Inspired by Owl Flight to Reduce Noise.

David Baker is rebuilding a 1920's Moris Minor.

Tommy Blossom is studying the effect of diet on aviator performance.

Ryan Chang's project is titled Levels of Coliform Bacteria in the University School Wastewater System.

Manzili Denis is studying if we can identify target of tigecycline using a forward genetic screen.

Matthew Devine is degrading zebra mussel byssal thread adhesives with UV light.

Kareem Fareed project is titled On neurological outcomes of COVID19: A multimodal association study of COVID-19 and Alzheimer’s disease

Isaiah Gilbert's research is titled Cytoplasmic hnRNPK: Enhancer or side effect?

Chase Greppin (with Winston Massey) is developing a cookbook.

Liam Isakov is researching what characteristics make a violin better than others.

Anuj Kerachan is completing a Macromolecular Organic Synthesis Internship at Case Western

Rohan Kumar is studying pain and pain management among non-dialysis-dependent chronic kidney disease patients and their association with quality of life (a CKDopps analysis).

Winston Massey (with Chase Greppin) is developing a cookbook.

Thomas McGowan
is engineering, designing, and constructing a utility vehicle.

Vir Patel
is creating a Lake Kilroy buoy and water quality sensor project.

Anand Stephens' project is titled Creating an Album of Jazz Compositions.

Alex Vincenti
is studying platelets, glioma-stem cells, and differentiated glioma cells and their role in glioblastoma disease progression.

Weining Wang
is investigating hydrogen production enzymes using gaming GPU.

Teddy Welsh's
project is titled The E-gene: The Science Behind It.

Gordon Zeitz
is studying the efficiency of small-scale hydroelectric power by modifying the turbine shape.

Joey Zigman
is lathe-turning baseball bats of different wood types to produce maximum exit velocity.


Class of 2025

Zain Anwar is conducting biomedical research.

Zaid Ashruf is studying the evaluation of Paxlovid on patients of chronic kidney disease.

Shreeyans Bhavaraju’s project is titled Detecting Acute Kidney Injury in Infants using Machine Learning Techniques.

Vishwum Kapadia is studying the Characterization of the Dicrotic Notch in Patients with Severe Mitral Regurgitation.

Kingsten Lin is designing and testing a contactless position system to better optimize an automatic electronic control system for the active magnetic levitation of a ferromagnet.

Daniel Lust’s project is titled Characterization and Comparison of Swine and Human Spinal Cord Segments Using 3D Reconstruction of Micro-CT Imaging.

Sujay Nalla is studying SMARCA5 Inhibition as a Therapeutic Target for Glioblastoma.

Beau Napolitano is researching the effects of different fabrics and cores of hand-built park skis.

Reyansh Pardeshi is studying squash ball warming methods.

Brad Perry’s project is titled, The Little Differences: How Lighting Design Can Change One’s Perspective of a Live Show.

Henry Peterman’s project is titled, A Collection of Animations and What Makes Them Work.

Danny Pikovskiy is studying and designing fishing lures.

Phineas Quigley is composing a string quartet.

Gavin Sheppard is creating a machine learning model to predict the rushing yards of NFL players.

Will Stephans is studying the interactions between BRAF-mutated and wild-type lung cancer at varying doses of target drug.

Aaron Velez is investigating how patients with cervical dystonia react in terms of movement when they are given a mismatched visual signal and brain signal.

Ryan Wang’s project is titled Development of Persistent DNA Vectors for Safe and Lasting Non-viral Gene Therapies.

Stephen Weinberger’s project is titled, The Study of Soundproofing and Noise Mitigation Highlighted with Noise Pollution and Noise Reduction of in-school Applications.

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