Ethan Banks is studying the coefficient of friction in rubber compounds.

Maheep Brar is building a robotic platform to monitor the indoor environment.

Michael Castellanos is investigating the effects of lenalidomide on NK cell cytotoxicity.

Ben Chao is working on a portfolio of jazz arrangments and originals.

Enea Cominelli is studying stem cell treatment for inflammatory bowel disease derived arthritis.

Tyler Fertel is designing a safer football helmet. 

Anish Ganesh is analyzing the effects of Cdk5 inhibition in Ewing's Sarcoma and its role in tumor resistance and regrowth.

Trey Hammond, is working on a project titled "US in Space," with his peer Michael Leone.

John Hollington is studying the evolution of tools and techniques.

Ajeet Kalepu is working on developing "smart" insulin.

Michael Leone is working on a project titled "US in Space," with his peer Trey Hammond.

Jack MacIntosh is creating a modular synthesizer system using sound and electrical engineering.

Jake Nordell is conducting an investigation of cinematography and film in marketing.

Bryan Rego, Class of 2019, is assessing the occurrence of microplastics in mussels in a microcosm.

Dylan Siegler, Class of 2019, is conducting an algorithmic analysis of medical literature for treatment recommendation.

Graden Snyder, Class of 2019, is testing the effects of alumina on a freshwater ecosystem. 

Will Spencer, Class of 2019, is developing a reproducible, sensitive LC-MS/MS method to investigate the pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic properties of celastrol in mice.

Max Svensson is working on determination of capsaicinoids in fresh peppers through colorimetric method.

Arnold von Engelbrechten's project is titled "The Battle of Pharsalus: A New Approach to Teaching History."

Oscar Wierup is studying ex-vivo evaluation of left ventricular assist devices: understanding the properties and dffects of continuous flow.

William Zhang's project is titled "The Non-American American Life."


Neel Agarwal is studying the biomedical engineering of polymers.

Eric Areklet is interviewing veterans.

Tharoon Balaji is creating an app called My Home Advisor.

Nolan Bingaman is evaluating of control human brain microvascular endothelial cells post anti-epileptic drug exposure.

Garrett Blum is developing honeycomb structures as a helmet liner material. 

Thomas Butler is evaluating the prevalence of microplastics in a rural to urban gradient.

Nikita Davidenko is measuring the extent of ablation of brain tumors using laser interstitial thermal therapy (L.I.T.T.).

Ryan Devine is creating a carbon fiber reinforced polymer matrix composite (PMC) with improved elastic properties.

Parker Ernst is studying the protection of retinal cells from light-induced apoptosis.

Ali Gardezi is studying the effects of tributyrin supplementation on the immune response of chronic binge ethanol-fed mice.

Prajawal Guruprasad is studying hypoxia sensing by cells.

Sukhm Kang is studying the health effects of e-cigarettes. 

Sai Karnati is studying the role of KLF15 in Xenobiotic Drug Metabolism (XDM).

Brian Li is creating a short film anthology.

Will Lvovich is working on the optimization of operation of sample PEM fuel cells stack based on availability of hydrogen supply.

Henry Michaelson is designing a weather balloon and launch with FLIR data collection.

Anthony Peng's project is title "Bridging Generations of Chinese Family Cuisine and Culture."

Isaiah Waiters is studying long-term sequele and monitoring conditions in patients with Cyanotic Heart Disease.

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